Compatibility of our Products with WoltLab Suite™ 6.0

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    The release of the new WoltLab Suite™ 6.0 version series is imminent. Therefore, we would like to inform you today about what you have to consider in this regard when using our software products.

    WoltLab Suite™ 6.0 comes with a number of functional innovations and improvements. In addition, technical modernizations are continuously taking place to eliminate existing problems and be prepared for the future. These extensive changes inevitably lead to the fact that many plugins would no longer function properly without appropriate adjustments. Therefore, an update to WoltLab Suite™ 6.0 is only possible as soon as the manufacturers of all installed plugins have established the compatibility of their plugins with the new version series and explicitly released it in the form of a new plugin version. This also applies to all plugins from Krymo Software.

    It is important to us that our software products work smoothly and error-free, so that you do not have any stress or hassle. That's why we also place a great deal of emphasis on quality assurance. The compatibility checks, technical adjustments and subsequent quality assurance take some time for an extensive undertaking as in this case. Due to the effort involved, a variable update fee will be charged for the new plugin versions.

    Furthermore, we have decided to stop development and distribution of specific plugins. This also means that these plugins will not receive a version that will be compatible with WoltLab Suite™ 6.0. The distribution of these plugins for older versions of WoltLab Suite™ has already been discontinued. This will allow us to shift our focus to more popular plugins, which will benefit a larger customer base.

    Below you will find a table that lists all our plugins and corresponding information:

    Plugin Further Development


    for WoltLab Suite™ 6.0

    Reading Time Estimate for Articles Yes - October 2023 -
    Reading Time Estimate for Blog Articles Yes - October 2023 -
    Moderation Comments in User Profiles Yes - October 2023 -
    Sticky First Post in Threads Yes - October 2023 -
    hCaptcha for WoltLab Suite™ Yes - October 2023 -
    Policies for Thread Subjects Yes - November 2023 -
    Regular Expression for Validation of Usernames Yes - November 2023 -
    Automated Deletion of User Profile Content Yes - November 2023 -
    Automatic Subscription upon Downloading Files Yes - November 2023 -
    CMS Pages to PDF Files Yes DomPDF by VieCode December 2023 -
    Articles to PDF Files Yes DomPDF by VieCode December 2023 -
    Reading Time Estimate for Lexicon Articles Yes VieCode Lexikon 7.1 4th Quarter 2023 -
    VieCode Shop: Integration of the Payment Service Provider Mollie Yes VieCode Shop 8.1 4th Quarter 2023 -
    VieCode Shop: Reversal Invoices Yes VieCode Shop 8.1 4th Quarter 2023 -
    VieCode Shop (Customer Area): "Create Customer Account" Form Yes VieCode Shop 8.1 4th Quarter 2023 -
    Game Server Viewer (incl. Extensions) Yes - 1st Quarter 2024 Extensive innovations, improvements and adjustments are planned, which is why implementation will take more time.
    BBCode: Language Yes - 2nd Quarter 2024 -
    List of Assigned User Groups in User Profiles Yes - 2nd Quarter 2024 -
    Birthday Cakes in the Message Sidebar Yes - 2nd Quarter 2024 -
    Simple FAQ Yes - - This plugin is an open source plugin developed mostly by Hanashi Development, and Krymo Software with kind support from community members. Most of the necessary adjustments are expected to be made by Hanashi Development. However, we welcome contributions in the form of pull requests on GitHub by others.
    BBCode: Notice No - - Please switch to the text markers already integrated into the new editor, which serve a visually very similar purpose.
    VieCode Shop: Integration of the Payment Service Provider BitPay No - - -
    VieCode Shop: Integration of paysafecard (Manual Processing) No - - -

    Our package server for WoltLab Suite™ 6.0 is already available, so you can update plugins purchased from us almost automatically via the administration control panel as soon as we have released plugin versions introducing support for WoltLab Suite™ 6.0.

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