Information about our package servers

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    We operate our own package servers, which you can use to very conveniently download and install new software products and updates from us via your ACP.

    Addresses of the package servers

    WoltLab Suite™ Core 6.0:

    WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.5:

    WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.4:

    WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.3:

    WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.2 (Hurricane / 2019):

    WoltLab Suite™ Core 3.1 (Tornado):

    Please note that you can only download paid software products via our package servers if you enter the required credentials in the ACP when setting up the package servers. You can find your credentials on our package server site or in your customer area.

    For free software products no credentials are required.

    If you have purchased one or more of our software products in the Plugin-Store of WoltLab, nothing will change for you. The package servers of WoltLab can still be used. But of course you're free to use our package servers. To do so you have to link your WoltLab account with your Krymo Software account. If you haven't yet purchased a software product in the store of Krymo Software, you first have to create a customer account in the customer area to get your credentials for the package servers.

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