Update: Game Server Viewer 1.5.0

    • Official Post

    We have just released version 1.5.0 for the plugin Game Server Viewer.

    Notable Changes

    • Adjustments have been made due to the acquisition of the Game Server Viewer product line by Krymo Software.
    • The dependency on the developer package dev.tkirch.wsc.conditions has been removed. The package can now be safely uninstalled if uninstallation is possible.
    • A game server debug mode has been added to investigate query problems. This can be enabled in the options in case of problems to log query errors.
    • The contents of the language items have been revised.
    • The PHP source code has been revised.
    • The templates have been revised.
    • The manual sorting of game servers had been completely broken and has therefore been completely reworked.
    • It was not possible to remove all display parameters from game servers after at least one parameter was set.
    • A fatal error occurred on pages where the game server box was displayed if no game server had been selected.
    • A fatal error occurred on the game server page for specific games under certain circumstances.

    Important note: The templates __gameServerViewerCopyright, boxGameServerViewer, gameServerViewerServer and gameServerViewerServerList have been updated. If you have made adjustments to these templates, you must check your customized templates for changes and update them if necessary.

    starting at EUR 12.99

    This update can be downloaded by customers in the store of Krymo Software or in the Plugin-Store of WoltLab.

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