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    As announced in our news of November 6th, 2022, on the outlook for 2023, Krymo Software has decided to take over the Game Server Viewer product line from This ensures for more than 100 customers that development under high quality standards and the distribution of the product line will continue in the future despite the discontinuation of's software licensing business. In the following, we would like to present the exact modalities of the acquisition and the plans for the product line.

    Form of the acquisition

    The acquisition has already taken place last month in the form of transferring the exclusive development and distribution rights of the following software products from to Krymo Software:

    • Game Server Viewer (main product)
    • Game Server Viewer: Game Pack GameQ
    • Game Server Viewer: Game Pack Farming Simulator
    • Game Server Viewer: Frontend
    • Game Server Viewer: Branding-Free
    • "Austinb GameQ" Library (free open-source development package)

    So it is explicitly not a business takeover. Therefore, no customer data will be automatically transferred from or WoltLab to Krymo Software. The contractual partner does not change. Nevertheless, and Krymo Software have made the following agreements in the interest of the affected customers:

    • Bug fixes that are within the scope of the legal warranty obligation will be handled by Krymo Software from now on.
    • Support will be provided by Krymo Software from now on.
    • Customers of are given the opportunity, under certain conditions, to transfer their purchased licenses of the mentioned software products at to Krymo Software for easier access to support, updates, package servers and purchase of future update access in the future. This transfer process is explained in more detail in the following paragraph.

    Transfer request for direct customers of

    Any first-time buyer who has purchased one or more licenses of the aforementioned software products at may submit a transfer request. To submit a transfer request, a user account and a customer account with Krymo Software are required. The form for transferring licenses of the Game Server Viewer product line to Krymo Software must be filled in completely and submitted. We review the transfer requests individually, add the appropriate software licenses to the customer's account and grant access to the support forum. There is no deadline within which the transfer request must be submitted. However, we recommend doing so as soon as possible to immediately benefit from bug fixes and prevent the possible loss of evidence and data required for the transfer.

    Transfer of licences of the Game Server Viewer product line to Krymo Software

    In order to continue to be provided with updates and support in the future, you can transfer your licences of the Game Server Viewer product line from to Krymo Software.

    Steps for customers from the WoltLab Plugin-Store

    Customers from the WoltLab Plugin-Store have entered a contract with WoltLab at the time of purchase. Therefore, no further steps need to be taken to continue receiving automatic access to updates. Only for support, a user account should be created with Krymo Software and the user account should be linked to the own WoltLab account. Those who already have a user account with Krymo Software will need to resynchronize their purchases from the WoltLab Plugin-Store. After that, access to the support forum will be automatically granted.

    Plans for the product line

    We have already started working on the aforementioned software products and expect to release an update for each software product by the end of November 2022, which will fix various bugs and add support for new games. You will be able to see more specific details in the change history as each update becomes available.

    We are aware of some old known bugs and issues that will be fixed in the course of the updates. Therefore, we ask you to report both new and old known bugs and issues in our support forum after you have checked them for validity yourself after the updates have been released. You are also welcome to post your requests for new functionalities and improvements in the support forum and show your support for individual suggestions by reacting to them. The implementation of new functionalities is planned for the year 2023.

    Game Server Viewer at Krymo Software

    The Game Server Viewer and its extensions are now available for purchase at Krymo Software. On the product page you can find information about the Game Server Viewer, the link to the support forum and the Game Server Viewer in the WoltLab Plugin-Store. Also available is a dedicated list of supported games. Please note that some information already refers to the upcoming updates, which are expected to be provided free of charge to every customer with the corresponding license at the end of November 2022.

    We thank you for your trust.

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