Update: VieCode Shop (Customer Area): Support Threads for Downloads / Licenses 1.1.0

    • Official Post

    We've just released version 1.1.0 for the plugin VieCode Shop (Customer Area): Support Threads for Downloads / Licenses.

    Notable Changes

    • The language of the support threads and posts is no longer the default language of the system, but the language of the user specified in the options.
    • The language item shop.product.supportThread.storageMessage has been adapted: It is now clear whether the new version belongs to the product or to an addon of the product.
    • It is now possible to specify in the options whether the time of the support post should be updated when a version is activated. This option is enabled by default and requires WoltLab Suite™ Forum 5.2.7 or newer.
    • Via "Rebuild Data" a support thread can be created automatically for each product, if none exists yet.


    This update can be downloaded by customers in the store of Krymo Software or in the Plugin-Store of WoltLab.

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