POPULAR! Moderation Comments in User Profiles

Exchange information with your moderation colleagues in user profiles without the respective user noticing anything.

Exchange information with your moderation colleagues in user profiles without the respective user noticing anything.


  • You must have WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 installed.

Increase the effectiveness of your moderation

Do you sometimes lose track of conspicuous users in your moderation team? Would you like to store internal comments on individual users so that they can be found quickly and easily by your team? Then this plugin can help you! It provides a new tab in user profiles where moderators can write comments - without the user noticing! To make sure that every moderator knows about your moderation comment, they will receive a notification if they have the required permission. You can also configure a box that lists the latest moderation comments. Additionally, the user will be marked with a warning icon and hint text at different places on your website if there is a recent moderation comment about them.


You can configure this plugin in the ACP under Configuration ⇒ Users ⇒ Profile ⇒ Moderation Comments. It is possible to disable the confidentiality notice above the moderation comments and it is possible to define how long a moderation comment is considered recent (relevant for the warning icon in the user information).

Furthermore, you can determine which user groups should have access to the moderation comments. The corresponding permissions can be found when editing a user group under Moderator Permissions ⇒ General ⇒ Moderation Comments in User Profiles. Each user who is allowed to receive notifications for moderation comments can enable or disable the notifications for new moderation comments in their settings.

Moreover, a new system box using the controller Moderation Comments in User Profiles can be created under Content ⇒ Boxes.


  • Moderation Comments in User Profiles
    EUR 11.99

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  • Moderation Comments in User Profiles 1.1.1

    Notable Changes • Users who were members of multiple user groups were not notified of new moderation comments. • The contents of some language items have been improved.
  • Moderation Comments in User Profiles 1.1.0 pl 1

    Notable Changes • An error had occurred when creating moderation comments using MySQL databases and older MariaDB database versions.
  • Moderation Comments in User Profiles 1.1.0

    Notable Changes • A new, separate user group permission to receive notifications about new moderation comments has been added. • The member list can now be filtered by the time of the last moderation comment in the respective user profile. • A notice is now also displayed in the member list if a current moderation comment exists for a user profile. • A controller for system boxes has been added that lists either the newest or oldest moderation comments.
  • Moderation Comments in User Profiles 1.0.1

    Notable Changes • Under certain circumstances, a warning icon was incorrectly displayed in the user profile even though there was no recent moderation comment.
  • Moderation Comments in User Profiles 1.0.0

    Initial release