POPULAR! hCaptcha for WoltLab Suite™

hCaptcha is an alternative to reCAPTCHA that pays website operators while preserving user privacy.

hCaptcha is an alternative to reCAPTCHA that pays website operators while preserving user privacy.

Do you use a captcha to keep out bots? hCaptcha protects user privacy and rewards website operators for solved captchas.

Privacy Focused

Ad networks see your visitors as the product. hCaptcha doesn't care who your users are, only how likely they are to be malicious. hCaptcha supports initiatives like Privacy Pass, and works hard to balance privacy and security.

Give Back to Charity

Want to give back to your favorite charity? hCaptcha lets you support the charities of your choice with the earnings you gain from using it. Of course you can also have the earnings paid out to your PayPal account instead.

More information about hCaptcha can be found on the website of hCaptcha.

Information on privacy can be found in the privacy policy of hCaptcha.

Information on accessibility can be found on the website of hCaptcha.


  • You must have WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.4, 5.5 or 6.0 installed.

Installation and Initial Setup

You can configure this plugin after installation at Configuration ⇒ Security ⇒ Anti-Spam ⇒ hCaptcha. You will receive the sitekey and secret key after signing up on the hCaptcha website.

You can also specify whether the user's IP address should be transmitted for improved fraud prevention. You can also change the appearance of the captcha: Specify whether it should be invisible, light or dark, normal size or compact. Furthermore, you can define the level of difficulty and the topics of the captchas in the dashboard of hCaptcha. Finally, please do not forget to select hCaptcha as Captcha Type at Configuration ⇒ Security ⇒ Anti-Spam ⇒ Captchas.

Note: If users have JavaScript disabled in their browser, they cannot solve captchas of hCaptcha on your website!

Privacy Policy

Please do not forget to adapt your privacy policy for the use of hCaptcha. You can use the following passage for this purpose (use at your own risk, we do not assume any liability):


  • hCaptcha for WoltLab Suite™
    EUR 6.99


  • Update access to the latest version series (2.x)
    EUR 3.49

As a small business within the meaning of § 19 para. 1 UStG no value added tax is charged.

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