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Sponsor our work with an one-time or monthly tip of EUR 10.00.

Since 2020, our portfolio includes free software products developed under an open source license in addition to commercial software products. You are welcome to support our work with an one-time or monthly tip of EUR 10.00.

After completing your membership, you will be assigned to the Sponsors user group, which will highlight your username in the user profile, forum and conversations in a special color, and mention you by name in our sponsors box.

You can cancel your membership up to one day before the monthly billing. An automatic renewal of the membership will only take place for one month at a time. If you only want to support us once, you can cancel the membership immediately after the payment has been processed. Click here to view and manage your membership.

If you pay by credit card or PayPal, your payment method will be automatically charged each month. For other payment methods, you must manually make the payment in the customer area each month. You will be notified by email a few days before your membership expires. If you do not make the manual payment in time, your membership will be automatically terminated and you will not incur any further costs.

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every 1 month
minimum contract duration
1 month
Cancellation period
1 day before next billing


  • Monthly Sponsorship (EUR 10.00)
    EUR 10.00

As a small business within the meaning of § 19 para. 1 UStG no value added tax is charged.

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