User Synchronization to Pterodactyl


Synchronize your users to Pterodactyl for a seamless user experience!


  • You must have WoltLab Suite™ Core 3.1, 5.2 or 5.3 installed.
  • You must have Pterodactyl 0.7 or 1.0 installed.


  • As soon as a user is added to a user group and therefore has the required permission, a Pterodactyl account is created for them. This can also be configured to create a Pterodactyl account only for newly registered users.
  • As soon as the username, email address, password or content of a user's profile field changes in the WSC installation, the changes are automatically synchronized to the user's Pterodactyl account.
  • As soon as a user is deleted or loses the required permissions due to a user group change, the corresponding Pterodactyl account is also deleted. (This can be disabled.)
  • Using the user bulk processing, the Pterodactyl accounts of specific users can be deleted.
  • The Pterodactyl account ID is visible in the user profile and in the list of users in the ACP if the viewer has the required administrative permission.


  • After installation, the required access data must be stored and the desired settings must be made in the ACP under Users ⇒ User Synchronization to Pterodactyl. First, an API key must be created in the Pterodactyl webinterface under Application API (/admin/api), which has read and write access for users. The base URI corresponds to the main URL of the webinterface (e.g. or
  • For the last two options in ACP, which are only optional and refer to the creation and deletion of Pterodactyl accounts, there is a permission for each. These can be ignored completely if neither of these two options are enabled in the ACP.
  • The user synchronization to Pterodactyl can be completely disabled in the ACP under Modules ⇒ Users.
  • It can be determined by a specific administrative permission who can see the Pterodactyl account ID in user profiles.

Manually link WSC accounts to existing Pterodactyl accounts

If WSC accounts should be linked to existing Pterodactyl accounts, this can be done manually using the following SQL command:

UPDATE wcf1_user SET pterodactylUserID = ? WHERE userID = ?;

The question marks must be replaced by the corresponding values. For example, the following SQL command links the WSC account with ID 1 to the Pterodactyl account with ID 5:

UPDATE wcf1_user SET pterodactylUserID = 5 WHERE userID = 1;

Important Notes

  1. After installing the plugin, not every existing account will be automatically synchronized to Pterodactyl. This is not possible because Pterodactyl uses a different encryption method for passwords. So in order to create a Pterodactyl account for an already existing account, the user has to enter their password e. g. in the account management and submit the form. For new accounts created after the installation of the plugin, this is no longer necessary, because for these accounts the password had to be entered into the form already during registration. Subsequent changes of the password are of course taken into account and also synchronized to Pterodactyl.
  2. Accounts that are connected to a third-party login can not be synchronized correctly to Pterodactyl because of the missing password.
  3. Pterodactyl is very strict about the allowed characters for usernames. To avoid user synchronization problems, you should additionally use the Regular Expression for Validation of Usernames plugin and use the default regular expression. Existing accounts with problematic usernames must be renamed manually.
  4. The manual linking of WSC accounts with existing Pterodactyl accounts should be done urgently if usernames or email addresses from the different systems match. Otherwise, problems with user synchronization cannot be ruled out.

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